{Gather} come together; assemble or accumulate + {Grow} develop or expand

On the weekend my creative partner in crime and I, Amanda Viviers, held our first Gather + Grow event at local cafe, The Pond Barista. Ladies with different creative backgrounds came from near and far to drink coffee and talk all things social media. I had such a great afternoon with everyone and now I can’t wait for our next Gather + Grow event, “Homemade Christmas Ideas” set for 17 October 2015. If you would like to meet with a bunch of creatives and chat all things Homemade Christmas click on the link to book a spot. I’d love to meet you and share the afternoon together.

A Koke Nest made by Vanessa Bird @ The Birds Nest Co



{CREATE} – IS A VERB / Creative thinking without execution is NOT creativity

I consider myself to be a creative soul. I LOVE TO CREATE. Being creative makes me feel alive and happy. When I am not creating I feel lost. Whether it be drawing, painting, sewing, trying to crochet or knit, taking photos, crafting with kids, decorating little corners of my home, even something as simple as colouring in, anything really just as long as I am using my mind and hands to bring something to life. I believe everyone has some sort of creativity within them. But it needs to be opened and then exercised. The same way as the human body is capable of extraordinary things when put into training and exercise. Creativity to me is all about thinking freely, exploring, daring to express myself and most importantly letting my heart take control of me and not my brain. I also believe that the most successful creative people are the ones that find their talent and then use their talent to the fullest. LET’S GET CREATIVE!!!!